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To Brad: What is your plan with regard to perkeep? My understanding is that it is your 20% project, and seems like you are one of the main force keeping it alive.

Just asking since I have multiple servers running it right now, and will need to migrate if it is going to be abandoned.



I no longer pay Mathieu to work on it full time, and my time is tempered by 2.5 and 0.5 year old kids.

I still use it, but don't have time to add to it much. Others work on it a bit. Mathieu and I did work on https://github.com/perkeep/gphotos-cdp just recently, to fix the Google Photos importer. So it's still moving a bit. Others still work on it too.

I'll pick up my involvement again as kids get a bit older. (One is almost potty trained and starting preschool soon! :))

We have no plans to abandon it.

> I'll pick up my involvement again as kids get a bit older.

I thought this would be true for me, but it turned out the other way. The chores of toddler care are slowly replaced as the kids become more verbal. Playing a game or having a conversation with my kids now is enormously pleasurable—to the point where I’ve become acutely aware of the time trade off of other projects.

Very true, and this can't be overstated!

Once kids get their own personalities you actually want to spend more time with them, understanding and developing their interests.

In between work and kid sports (or music, or scouts or whatever else) commitments the time the kids spend entertaining themselves is important parental 'downtime' and personal projects often just have to wait, potentially forever, depending on one's ambition and sleep requirements.

I now actively resist pulling many of the threads that interest me, just because I know it'll be yet another half-complete mess that's fundamentally less important than the development of the kids. Choose your side projects wisely (Perkeep sounds like a wise one).

So glad to hear this.

I also have young kids and struggle to even find the time to set up and use a Perkeep instance much less learn the internals or hack on it. But yeah, the whole business of de-cloudifying our lives and reclaiming privacy is going to be so important in coming years and decades.

I was going to ask the same question about Perkeep - I need to find an open source, free and well maintained media storage manager and Perkeep sounded interesting to fork and add my own special sauce.

Good to know its going to be maintained but reading between the lines, it is not "the next thing" you are going to work on from your post.

The moment I read the title, the first thing that came to mind was perkeep. I don't use it atm but I would love to. It's such a futuristic project that needs to exist.

Thanks a tonne for your contribution to it.

> will need to migrate if it is going to be abandoned

Doesn't sound very nice or supportive when you ask it this way.

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