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Yes those kinds of errors are extremely common... In fact 2 days ago I was visiting a well-known company in SF, and someone mentioned the reason for an aborted Python 3 rollout: a database contained utf-16 surrogate pairs mis-encoded in utf-8.

To me this is the same problem I had with HTML and DOM mentioned on the other thread (which I will reply to!).

The analogy is

    HTML files : DOM :: string data :: Python strings.
I've long had a rant about "models/abstraction vs. reality", which is basically: Reality always wins :) The DOM is an overabstraction of HTML to the point of causing bugs and performance degradation; ditto for Python strings and "real world" textual data. I'd rather solve "honest problems" than self-inflicted problems caused by the wrong abstraction.

A lot of software is basically "undoing" problems caused by other software, not addressing something in the application domain. PEP 383 and 540 seem to be clear instances of that. (And note that I said Python is an amazing achievement in the appendix of this post, which is simultaneously true :) )

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