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The no humans thing also just closes off any path for exceptions that occur outside of what is coded.

I bought a domain for a blogger blog ages ago. At the time google had no domain registry so they partnered with some company.

Years later and google starts hammering me with "hey your credit card is expired we're not going to renew your domain" ...

Fine right?

"Hey go update your payment information on admin.google.com"

Wait. I don't have a g-suite account... and on my personal account my payment info is up to date, so I figure maybe they migrated my email address or emailed me about it but nope.

Then comes circular system where if you forgot X you need Y and if you don't have Y you need X and links on pages that always lead to admin.google.com...

There was no place to find / get help from google. Blogger seems like the information there is wrong / hasn't been updated / abandoned. Just links that ran in circles.

I found the old registrar they partnered with and got them to help.

With Google as far as I could tell there was no way to resolve the issue in a situation where I"m even trying to give them money (granted a nominal amount).

I had a similar circular issue with Google. I solved it by shoulder tapping my GCP sales rep who pulled some strings. Luckily my company spends quite a bit so I had a back door. Without that or a twitter following I think you’re fucked.

Yep, similarly here. eNom successfully "extorted" $300 from me due to it. My fault ultimately in the end though. But it was a stressful couple days, and eNom and Google partnership soured my view of both of them. I no longer do business with eNom.

That's a bummer, they just moved it to an enom account (understandable) and charged me the usual renewal fee.

What happened, if I may ask? I use both enom and google...so, I am curious...

Just guessing, but the "extortion" fee's are likely due to renewing the domain after it has 'expired', during one of the last chance renewal phases.



There is a whole process via which domains expire, they do not simply become available to register upon their 'expiry' date.

Full process is outlined here: https://tee-solutions.com/index.php/our-blog/127-domain-name...


Why the scare quotes?

Because it’s as exactly as RileyJames said above. It was ultimately my own doing but was masked by the strange relationship eNom has/had with Google. It felt like extortion, but wasn’t in reality, just business practices that don’t put the customer first.

The person you're replying to is quoting another comment above and I am guessing they might not agree with the legal connotation the word carriers.

I guess, it does fit the common dictionary definitions though. Other companies in the space do not charge such fees.

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