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Yeah, CloudFlare is one that offers it, but it seems firmly in "Request Quote/Call Sales" territory for pricing. It dates from when they first intro'd their original registrar offering [1] a few years ago, and they said right out:

>"CloudFlare Registrar is not designed for the masses. There are plenty of great mass-market registrars. However, if you’re an organization where losing your domains would be a front-page story, then CloudFlare Registrar is for you."

Of course, they later did introduce a mass market offering as well, but not with that set of features! :)


1: https://blog.cloudflare.com/introducing-cloudflare-registrar...

Tangent: The mass market offering from Cloudflare does not have a way to buy/register a new domain. It’s been way too long since that offering was made public and it’s still stuck with just transferring domains from another registrar into Cloudflare.

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