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Confused, how do you get a registry lock then? Do you have to email your registrar? Why is there so little info on this? Or is this the same thing as clientTransferProhibited that is often provided?

You have to deal with the registry directly. Otherwise it's kind of pointless if registrar itself can lock/unlock it.

I have registry lock. I just asked my national domain registry to lock the domain. All that was needed was a strong proof of identity. (not just a photo of an ID, but doing a physical verification in person somewhere, like on the post office or sending a notarized letter) It was free.

But this is a national domain, where I have a high trust in the registry itself (registry manager makes the Turris router, btw, and some key software like knot dns server, etc), and that's also the reason why all my important stuff is linked to this domain.

No, some registrars are still the one that manage the communication with the registry. A big reason for the registry, registrar and registrant model is so that the registry do not interact directly with customers.

It also depend on the type of registry. .se for example allow registrars to set registry lock automatically but not unlock. Unlocking is a manual process and there is contractual conditions that the registrar must have verified the identity of the customer who is requesting the unlock, and the registrar must also sign to that fact. So far no registrar has failed yet to do so, thus the legal ramification of failing this has yet to be tested.

Different countries, different rules.

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