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Personal capital is amazing for investments, but it's shit for budgeting, and that's why Mint still rocks.

Came here to say this. I use both and Personal Capital works better for investments than Mint and Mint for other things. I am still not satisfied with Mint Budgeting and I am currently trying YNAB. Mint sync with banks works better than all and YNAB is not intuitive to use (at least for me) . Maybe I am not the right demographic.

Same situation, I'm religious with budgeting in Mint, and Personal Capital gives me my over all net worth progress.

The Mint trends let you look at net worth and income over time... what makes Personal Capital so much better for looking at net worth progress? Genuinely curious because I might switch over if there's actual differentiation.

The biggest problem I had with Mint and investment accounts was that they were flaky, and always had some type of issue connecting. Personal Capital on the other hand works flawlessly with them. Conversely Mint seems to always work with other things like credit cards, while I run into issues on PC sometimes.

Haven't had the connection issue on my end. Ah well, seems like there's no reason to switch things over!

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