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How is it a right to be called what one chooses?

I don't think I should have to participate in someone else's reality if I don't want to, just like they're not obliged to interact with me in the way I demand. It's always nice when they do, but I don't think people have a special right to dictate these kinds of terms to other people. I think this is especially true when the person being discussed will never see this conversation.

Name changes are governed by the states so laws vary. However speaking generally, people in the US have the right to change their name for whatever reason they see fit.

You have freedom of speech and don't have to abide by their request. This leads back to my original comment. It is a act of kindness to abide by people's wishes when it requires no extra effort on your part and actively refusing to do it is at best condescending.

> and actively refusing to do it is at best condescending.

In this case, it adds confusion to the circumstances of a crime.

Not participating in someone's alternate universe where she is the daughter of Alan Turing is not "condescending" - it's healthy.

Hi gls, I agree with you that people can change their name in a way recognised in most countries. I'm not sure that their government-registered name (changed since birth or not) has any bearing on what people 'have to' or do call them though? What do you think, gls?

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