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Wow. $37,775 is an insanely low valuation - I wonder who came up with that.

If the Feds are reading this thread and are looking for a buyer, please send me a message ;)

It's probably what they were insured for in 1984 when they were originally stolen. I have to think they're much more valuable now, given the past 10 years or so of history.

Turing’s rehabilitation actually started in the late ‘90s in England, through plays and memorials like the one in Manchester (2001). So it’s more like “20 years or so”.

It could be someone who doesn't get nerd/tech culture. Christie's valued some Star Trek memorabilia at $30k, it ended up selling for $500k.

Yeah, I could imagine some of the SV mega rich would easily pay an order of magnitude more. Personally if I had the money I'd feature them prominently in a monument dedicated to the irony of fighting a war to keep a large part of the world "free" only to emerge into the narrowly constrained post-war social freedom

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