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I feel like that "this is not serious enough" feeling is an ironic result of the fact that they have such good UX.

Even the API and the docs are so well built that it feels like a pet project I found on Github. Where is all of the corporate nonsense cluttering up the API? Where is the overengineered factory templates where I have to set up a bunch of services using a totally different API before I can start my first VM? Why are the docs so straightforward and in one place in one format? This hardly feels like enterprise software at all. I don't even need to pull out the forbidden calculator to figure out what my bill will be at the end of the month, DO even has an API call that includes the price points for the various offerings.

That and the $5/month price. I recently switched thinking I was downgrading but saving money, but I've liked DO more than using AWS, Azure, or GCP. Performance/$ is better, UX is better, and they have great support docs for so many core use cases (setup letsencrypt, run multiple hosts using nginx, setting up a VPN, etc).

There is a difference between being cheap and inexpensive. DO is inexpensive, but high quality.

Not sure if it's applicable in this case as I'm not a DO user, but this is definitely a thing. For instance, think about web forms for anything 'official' - it's almost as if the worse the UX is, the older the tech it seems to be built on even, the more legit it seems. It's a really counter intuitive effect.

Then you find out about some guy in Japan accessing the web form via fax. What people don't often talk about old stuff is the long tail ecosystems compatible with it

Oh completely agree, not at all saying using old tech is bad in any way and it's completely clear why offical public service stuff prefers it. Just saying it's interesting how this then makes old-looking stuff seem more official, because you're used to everything official generally looking about 10 years old.

DigitalOcean has always been great place to host single-server Rails/Django/PHP app.

But support for more complex backend infrastructures targeted by the cloud providers, with network segmentation and load balancers and autoscaling clusters, has only started to grow in recently. There is nothing approaching any cloud provider's IAM.

I’d love to get a network segmentation option in DO.

IAM is a big no though.

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