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I have to give it to these guys (I work on a competitor product). Even though this is a simple idea and possibly something of trivial implementation, it's clear, honest, and just plain nice. My hat is off to them for keeping their customers happy - very well done.

What product do you work on?

I don't want to pee on anyone's parade - I honestly don't - so I would hate to link to it here, even though it's "competition". I'll link to it on my profile instead.

(Never imagined me writing this, actually, but I think it makes sense. I truly do admire these folks for this particular project - I wish I had thought of it myself, I'll tell you that)

If you mean webreakstuff.com, may I gently suggest you have a landing page that does not make explicit reference to 2010...

I don't, but I appreciate the note. Will update (we've been busy - a good thing).

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