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How do I hire you guys?

Wanted: American Ex-Pat and Canadian software developers with a passion for changing the world. Are you self-motivated and fascinated by the idea of applying nano-statistical modelling to the problem of online dating game mechanics? Are you interested in remote work? If so, send us your github profile and we'll be in touch.

Because I honestly can't tell how serious statements like that are anymore, even with significant amounts of context, what the hell does "nano-statistical" mean?

(because improving dating websites by better statistics seems like a good first step on one of my world takeover plans)

The exact wording was meant as a joke! The meta-message is, just start asking. Tell the world what you're doing and make it clear that you're open to talking to remote workers with North American roots. The rest will follow.

Good! The significant amount of context is that, coming om your previous writing, I seriously hope you're not dabbling in something like nano-statistical-adversarial-mating-synergisms.

We pride ourselves on delivering fully buzzword-compliant solutions.

Makes me want to write a nano-statistical buzzword generative model.

Look for email address in HN profile ;)

Seriously, though, in my case I'm currently a non-dev though I would like to be. I'm a college student (online...) and a freelance writer that does some web dev too. I think remote work has potential, but today most companies only want remote freelancers, not full employees...

I fall into this category. Please contact me via the email address in my profile.

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