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RPISEC RE/VR courses (a little scattered due to the passage of time):

Secure Software Principles - CSCI 4971, Spring 2010:


Malware Analysis - CSCI 4972/6963, Spring 2013:


Advanced Exploitation and Rootkit Development, Spring 2013:


Program Obfuscation, Fall 2013:


Windows Exploitation, Spring 2014:



Modern Binary Exploitation - CSCI 4968, Spring 2015:


Malware Analysis - CSCI 4976, Fall 2015:


Forgot this one:

Hardware Reverse Engineering - CSCI 4974, Spring 2014:


And put the full list on Github:


Wow, great list, thank you for taking the time to compile it!

Thank you for putting this together!

I also find the lectures on here helpful http://opensecuritytraining.info/

This is great! Do you have other related curated lists that you're willing to share?

Yes! That's like half my job as a teacher. Let me scrounge around, polish what I got, and put it on Github.

Excellent! Thanks. I followed the links on Github, btw. I'm looking into some of the trainings you're offering.

Last August, I took the Advanced Windows Exploitation course from Offensive Security (for the OSEE), and then I followed it up with the awesome Advanced Fuzzing and Crash Analysis course taught by Richard Johnson. Both were incredible courses, but my RE sucks.

I'm looking at the Advanced Browser Exploitation course next, but I'd really like to get better with reversing in order to get more out of these classes.

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