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A GitHub repo of jobs listings with bounties (github.com)
244 points by taariqlewis 34 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 55 comments

@TaariqLewis, thanks for posting! Let's catch up soon!

Team, I'm the author/owner of the repo and would be happy to answer questions.

We were inspired by the concept some fellow MIT alumni used to win the DARPA red balloon challenge, using a Query Incentive Network to provide superior scale and reach with a distributed payout structure. Results have been very strong so far, here is some more detail on the theory: https://blog.rezscore.com/the-red-balloon-experiment-fab19a0...

We'd love to get your thoughts and questions on the concept, particularly as it comes to how to best organize this new GitHub repo to best help you in your job search.

An interesting idea, but even with Markdown it is hardly readable.

Myself, I gathered a few lists, and what worked:

- bigger Markdown files https://github.com/stared/science-based-games-list

- YAML files(s), as in https://github.com/stared/interactive-machine-learning-list (see websites.yaml)

The first one is slightly better for seeing many positions than clicking on every single entry.

YAML was my second approach, and it worked even better - much easier to enforce a schema, a possibility to visualize however one wants, etc.

Thank you for sharing, I like the YAML approach and we'll work on this next

Is there an easier way to read the job postings?

Overall, the repo is very easy to navigate. The challenge is that the .txt files aren't .txt files. They're markup.


- Use an extension other than .txt to communicate that it's markup

- Generate a website where these postings are easier to read

Thanks for the tip -- another user commented this as well, so we switched over to .md Markdown format. Shoot us a note and let us know if this looks better.

Significantly easier! Thanks!

why no LA, lol

Stay tuned, we talked with somebody earlier through this who has some LA jobs to add, probably next week.

For the love of all that is sacred please no-one decide it would be a great startup idea to create a jobs site with bounties.

You might think it’s an opportunity because you don’t see anyone else doing it. That’s because people have been doing trying and failing at this exact concept for at least 15 years.

There’s a deep and wide startup graveyard dedicated specifically to job sites with bounties/referrals.

There, I just saved you years of pointless effort. Expend your energy money time relationships and life on something else.

Unless of course you think you’ll be doing it right/better/different/with a twist/with better timing etc. in which case you must understand you should go straight to the very very large section of that startup graveyard dedicated to those who were smarter than all the others who tried, then pour your money into the next open grave.

Yes, it is a complex puzzle and yes many will try and fail to solve it. That doesn't mean the situation is hopeless. We only need 1 working Mr Fusion. Everyone else trying to build it can fail.

For example: Every company renting out its employees is taking the bounty. These bounties are enormous. I've had a job for years where I cost 12 times my before taxes pay. I've also had a short term job where I cost 15 times my salary. Previous employer took 100%, current one takes 80%. I think that bounty is much to large, it doesn't reflect the amount of effort rather how rare it is to have someone organize the hours properly AND keep employees working.

I think there is lots of room to redefine the relationship, offer a superior product at lower fees. If I'm paid 3 times my salary I don't mind not getting hours 50% of the time and be available 24/7.

Scripting the contract without bugs is really hard but who knows, the right guy might come along? 5000 Euro is nothing if you get a good employee for it.

@drefno, you sound super-knowledgeable on the subject so I'd love to chat with you to learn from your perspective! Please shoot me a note at ghjobs@onymail.com

Not sure what more needs to be said.... just look back at this post when you shut down your attempt in the future. You can then assist others who might be steering themselves into the same rocks by warning them as I have done here.

What questions do you have? Others might be interested in the answers.

If your question is “maybe our twist is new/different/better?” Answer is no.

Could you share the names of a couple of these startups? I believe you but I’d like to investigate what they did since I’m interested in this space.

Here’s another such site from 3 days ago on HN:


Search HN for jobs referrals bounties to find many more:


It’s an idea constantly being reinvented and failing.

Google jobs referral bounty maybe also startup you could also search the wayback machine

I think remote contract only repo (in a separate repo) would be great! Thanks for putting in the work, literally

Thank you! Would it be more helpful to break this into separate repos by every geography? We have a "remote" folder at the moment: https://github.com/zcor/githubjobs/tree/master/remote

Thanks for replying, I saw the remote folder, that’s a good direction, I just don’t know if with github I can watch that single folder for communication.

- from a remote contractor

The problem is that job openings are often for multiple locations. (You can work in our SF or NYC offices.)

In general: Try to avoid organizing your data in hierarchies, and instead navigate by filters. (This is why SQL won over older hierarchal databases.)

We've also been talking about in organizing this into a SQL-like interface, I think there could be a lot of value in job hunting in such a manner... "SELECT * FROM jobs WHERE location = 'seattle' and keyword LIKE '%python%'"

If the keyword column is a json blob, you might be able to do it with JSON_CONTAINS:


(Unless you are using mongo on the backend, in which case I am not familiar with that)

My particular interest in this project was that if the many interviews I explore for a job end in rejects, then at least maybe I might get paid a referral bonus as a sourcer for the job. After spending 6 hours onsite and getting denied, seems only fair to get paid if I can help source?

The company I'm working for has this exact platform as a dream project we've always wanted to do, and we 100% would've wasted a lot of money coming to an inferior end product to what you've created. Keep your head up!

@taariqlewis, you are such a talented individual you will not be on the job market for long.

If a hire is made, the employer will apportion the bounty to everybody who helped sourced the final candidate, so it pays to spread these links where appropriate.

I don't understand this part. So let's say I recommend someone to apply for a job. I get the bounty? Who else would it be shared with?

If someone else shares my link to someone and that someone gets recruited, how does the system know that someone else invited him?

Cool idea anyway

We track what we are able to practically track. So if you send your link out and I join the site through your link... then I refer a candidate, you would be eligible to receive half of my earnings for the initial referral.

As a practical matter, people are finding it confusing so we are moving to more straightforward criteria

Can we please call this project "git jobs"?

Love it! People are always telling me to "git a life" anyway

MS have always been zealous about TM names. Since the purchase i suspect many like myself are sitting in the stadium waiting for whack-a-mole to start, popcorn at the ready.

Who "owns" the repo? Why have this structure compared to linkedin jobs or whatever?

I am the owner of the repository, and it is released under the MIT license so anybody is welcome to clone it if they wish to make their own adjustments.

The logic behind the github interface is articulated in this blog post: https://blog.rezscore.com/job-bounty-share-github-repo-78cba...

There are many great UX for finding jobs. For my case, I get things done a lot faster on the command line so I would personally prefer such an interface for browsing jobs, and judging by the reaction to this post it seems others might agree.

Why are the bounties so low when a recruitement company would easily take 15-20%+?

The early companies who have been trying this out this have the advantage that can could post at a discount and still get added exposure.

A big shout out to the companies who recognized this discount and will be rewarded with great value: Eight Sleep, Polis, Standard Tokenization Protocol, Zimperium, Adnomi, Checkbook, EnergyHub, Apptentive, PagerDuty, BetterHalf, Power Integrations, and EverQuote plus others I may have missed.

The reason is that arguably a traditional search firm is a broker, whereas an aggregator can introduce new efficiencies. This is how disintermediation typically happens. Classic example: travel agents vs expedia.

Is there support for delayed payouts? (we do six months after hiring)

Let's talk! We allow employers to set the terms of the payout provided they are willing to place a refundable deposit. Email ghjobs@onymail.com and we'll get you to the right people.

I love it - any restrictions on setting up an ad program on my blog and feeding candidates into the process?

(I've got a relevant audience, so not spam)

None at all, in fact we can help you get it set up. Shoot us an email at ghjobs@onymail.com

I'll be in touch (sorry, wandered off to deal with life)

Thanks for the effort! It looks amazing.

I do hope that more remote opportunities are posted. I am an iOS developer who has worked remotely for the last 5 years, but increasingly noticing the trend towards fewer remote opportunities. In the age of constant high-bandwidth video communication you'd imagine that the reverse would hold true.

One person has already reached out about posting a lot more remote jobs, so make sure to subscribe/follow the repository so you will get updated as new jobs are posted.

How does the bounty work?

We have full details at https://jobs.rezscore.com/redballoon -- we tweak the structure each month based on results from the prior month, but it's based on a formula of clicks, applications, interviews, and hires. The leaderboard updates in real time as does your personal dashboard with a display of your stats.

Of course the payout structure is at our discretion, we can only imagine how people will try to game this. While we encourage some creative thinking, we want to avoid outright spam.

This sounds like decentralized recruiting.

Decentralized sourcing I'd say... recruiters have a great many functions beyond sourcing that could not be easily replicated (ie phone screens, selling companies on applicants and vice versa)

Awesome, nice work. And kudos on the rapid responses to feedback in this thread!

Thank you!

@ghall Is there a planned feature where one might generate a list of the most frequent keywords and market needs to guide one's self study efforts?

Seems like it would be a good exercise to clone the repo and build the script yourself. Then you could even submit a pull request to put the script in the repo.

@jedberg nailed this while I was waiting for my HN rate limit to cool off. @jonbarker, yes, this is intentionally a bare-bones alpha, we are hoping to move into this sort of direction based on feedback from the community.

Is there any other reasonable purpose for this repo than generating traffic to the affiliated website?

I can provide at least two reasons this repo will benefit people even if they do not wish to use our website.

For one, job seekers will benefit by knowing which companies are hiring, so applicants can try their luck at disintermediating us and taking their chances directly on the company websites. We'd argue that applicants will have more success through the direct relationship we've cultivated, but the option exists in the current incarnation.

Second, this repository will hopefully evolve into a very useful resource as job hunting evolves. If this happens, our codebase could become a great template and readily forked to create additional job resources, even competing ones, since we are releasing this under the MIT license.

That said, of course I'd love it if even more people use https://rezscore.com/ -- our team are building incredible tools to improve the job search process.

I hope I find a job on there.

What's your skill stack and target geography?

You have a resume?

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