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Windows Terminal Preview v0.8 Release (microsoft.com)
56 points by omiossec 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Can’t wait until this is installed by default. Because as much as I like it trying to get corporate IT to install it is just too much.

They let you download the .msixbundle file on Github. You can unzip it with 7-zip or some other zip program. And then you can unzip the file CascadiaPackage_x_x64.msix which will give you the WindowsTerminal.exe binary. That should let you run it without admin rights.

I was denied a request to install Windows Terminal because it's in preview, but IT offered and installed Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) instead.

It's pretty fantastic. I installed fish, it uses my Autohotkey bindings, easy access to the Windows drives.

I work at a small vet pharma company and the wait time for non-essential install requests is months. In fact in the 2 months I've been here I don't think I have had a ticket complete yet...

And Vim is still not usable unfortunately: https://github.com/microsoft/terminal/issues/1203

Vim is definitely usable. I don’t use a block cursor, so perhaps that is the reason I don’t have issues, but I’ve been using Vim without issue for some time now.

I really wish they added a GUI configuration editor - editing large JSON files by hand is a poor user experience IMHO.

Same complain, it was the same problem when VS Code was first release. Also Json makes a poor configuration file format because it forbids comments. Hype-driven development is annoying because it doesn’t weight solutions on their technical merits.

I think yaml would be good a fit. In almost every scenario where I have to edit the file manually yaml is my favorite option because of comments and general readability.

Been using command line more and more had no idea this existed. Looks much better, any downsides?

The version I've been using has been crashing every once in a while, but the much bigger issue at least for running WSL is the lack of copying from the terminal.

Out of the box you can copy from the terminal by selecting with the mouse and then right clicking. It is also possible to copy using the keyboard but there are no default key bindings at this time, so you need to configure the binding you prefer yourself.

> Retro Terminal Effects

What about a Retro Start Menu that is usable and ad-free? Maybe in a few decades...

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