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Also, a11y support isn't just for "blind" or "disabled" users; it tends to make the page better for all users.

Yes! Although I'm not "officially" disabled, I'm "blind" to my screen when I'm driving (you'll be happy to know), I'm half-blind to a message that pops on my screen when I'm drying off from a shower (no glasses in the shower is my motto), I'm "mute" when surrounded by strangers on a train, my fingers can't operate a mouse or keyboard when I'm doing dishes, etc., etc.

We're ALL disabled, and our circumstances change over very-short to very-long term as well. Having things designed with flexible interface options was one of the original goals of the web. Some of us remember before CSS, the publisher was supposed to specify semantics, and the user was supposed to specify presentation. I don't think we should go to that extreme, but I'd like to see our browsers, tools, and frameworks designed to make multi-UI flexibility easier and more common.

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