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> there's also GFS2, HDFS, GPFS, OCFS, VMFS, Ceph, Lustre, Gluter, Lizard, Orange, Hammer2, MapR, Xtreem.

Until quite recently I was a maintainer for one of those. I've worked on two others. One more isn't done, two more are unmaintained, two more will trash data in specific ways I have identified to their developers, and HDFS isn't even a real filesystem. Also a couple more are proprietary. We're nowhere near "same functionality" here.

> most modern SANs have all those features and more

A SAN is not a filesystem, so it fails the "equivalent functionality" test again. No, that's not a "No True Scotsman" fallacy because you set the goalpost and it hasn't moved. If it's not mountable, not shared at file granularity, or not writable at byte granularity, it's not equivalent to NFS. You're also mixing cluster, network, and distributed filesystems in a way that makes me doubt your ability to comment cogently on their strengths and weaknesses. I developed a SAN-based filesystem at EMC, it made sense at the time (no later than 2002!), but nowadays it's utterly insane to posit that as a serious alternative. But at least now I know what you're trying to sell, so thanks I guess.

What I was trying to sell was that NFS is buggy, but past that, that it's just bad design to require the "equivalent functionality" of NFS at all. Really old applications and systems with really old designs needed NFS years ago, but now we have much better and more robust solutions for whatever janky thing a particular app is trying to accomplish with NFS-like semantics (which is really just emulating local filesystems over a network, and there's no reason a backend app needs to emulate local filesystems over a network).

If your project is greenfield, it is absolutely insane to require NFS's functionality in your design. Using NFS outside of production is okay, because when it ends up sucking, it won't sap your engineering time or budget or restrain your ability to scale. (Until non-production is a giant performance testing lab, and then NFS's suckitude does indeed restrain your business)

> Really old applications and systems with really old designs needed SANs years ago


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