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No, watch the talk. He doesn't toot his own horn at all.

He was the closing keynote at our annual conference (Okta's Oktane) last year and it was the same way. He was open and clear about what he did, how much he regretted it, and why he did it. Fundamentally, it came down that he was young (16), scared (parents getting a divorce), and stupid. He reacted out of fear and total disregard for other people. He also talked about coming through the other side and learning what mattered and why.

I sat down in his keynote as a fan of his exploits and finished as a fan of the man himself.

Watch the Google talk.

I was there for his Oktane talk and was just thinking about it yesterday. I was hacking on Solid, and recalled Sir Tim’s talk, then Frank’s. Two days before I attended Oktane I had spoken at my father’s memorial service. Frank’s comments on the importance of family were incredibly poignant. I found him to be credible and prescient on many fronts; his intelligence was obvious and his understanding of cybersecurity was deep and nuanced. It’s definitely among the top talks I’ve ever heard at a conference. Huge props to Okta for having him, and getting me there. It was a great gift to have a reprieve from grieving, and to take in all things identity. Especially from a man that has tried on so many.

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