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Ben Thompson talks a lot about networks and platforms in his blog, and it's always from the perspective of the capitalist: here's a great way to capture value and make a profit.

When he does consider the perspective of the user or consumer, it's still indirectly from the perspective of the capitalist: users/consumers will behave in X way, get Y value, etc, which is why [megacorp] should do Z.

I'd really like to see him take a broader view. Could he imagine a set of rules/regulations that would result in a better outcome for the public?

I've long been thinking about this problem:

- we all much prefer a single platform/network

- but if there's a single platform/network, then there aren't good market incentives on the side of the provider

This seems like such a fundamental problem in a space he writes so much about. Ben Thompson, please think and write about this!

Right! Banks are already regulated by the government and this seems like an opportunity for them to improve the retail banking market by requiring interoperation. Maybe it wouldn't work but it would be interesting to hear from him on this topic - can the government make this market work better?

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