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Great, now my server side rendering code needs to inject JS into the customer to feedback agent capabilities.

Or check the proposed headers that will also get sent: Sec-CH-Arch, Sec-CH-Model, Sec-CH-Platform, Sec-CH-UA, Sec-CH-Mobile.

Sec-CH-Mobile ? - please tell me the meaning of this is "user agent changes position, refresh positional data often" (checks the specs)

  user agent prefers a "mobile" user experience.
the spec is a tautology using air-quotes :/

That makes sense to me. Different websites will have different expectations of what specifics a mobile experience will need. It may just be different style sheets, or the dev will need to take into account the activity of their particular site, such as reducing background connections to preserve battery life, etc.

Surprisingly i do know what >> "mobile" experience << means in this context and can therefor make sense of this, too. I am just making fun of it by pretending i am reading a technical document that is supposed to specify how to build a sane and reliable system ;-)

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