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I agree this is true of engineering managers but its also true of engineers.

Some organizations want them to engage with end users and do a lot of business analysis others want them to focus on coding.

Some organizations want engineers to follow protocol and coding guidelines to the tee. Other want you to make the right call for the circumstances.

Some organizations don't care how long something takes but want it to work perfectly. Others want to make sure you deliver a product on time even if it's buggy.

Some organizations expect you to always choose the right language/tool for the job, some want you to choose the organizational language/tool everyone is familiar with.

I'm a consultant and sometimes run into this issue. Building out an MVP for a start up is a completely different mindset than working on a fortune 500 Enterprise app.

Same for product managers as well, ranging from technical customer support agents at enterprise fortune 500s to app developers at small startups.

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