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Agree. Also with a physical keyboard (PC) you can filter keypress events in an <input>, but with a virtual keyboard (Android) you cannot (keycode is always 0 due to IME).

A time entry input is a good example: on the PC you can accept valid [0123456789:.APMapm] characters as the user types, and have the HTML page do something sensible and show something sensible. On Android you either have an ugly time picker (they are all ugly!) or use hideous workarounds to try and detect keypresses.

Android and iOS have `inputmode=` but it is very restricted and there are wierd and sometimes incompatible differences between browsers or browser versions or OS versions. Custom data entry (e.g. time, date ranges, etc) is super ugly in HTML.

I have found many browser version and device specific bugs with virtual keyboards or PC keyboard entry that cannot be "feature detected" (browser version must be sniffed).

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