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A JS API that tells you which bugs exist in the browser?

> Where feature detection fails developers, UA Client Hints are the right path forward.

UA Client Hints will provide: brand, major version, full version, platform brand and architecture, platform architecture, model and whether it should be treated as a mobile platform.

If you were using the UserAgent to guess if the browser was a particular version with a particular bug, now you don't have to parse something and probably get it wrong.

> UA Client Hints will provide: brand, major version, ...

It seems you are using "Mozilla 5.0". Your browser is really out of date!

Please consider updating to rand("Googlebot/2.1", "Version/7", "XUL/97", "HTML/5").

There's no guarantee the user's browser will just hand over that information with the new spec:

> User agents ought to exercise judgement before granting access to this information, and MAY impose restrictions above and beyond the secure transport and delegation requirements noted above.

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