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I've had success with clone ELM327 for reading stuff like RPM in real time, but it is hit or miss.

They're just generally slower and usually missing features of the newest ELM327 revisions.

The problem is if you just search for ELM327, most of them will be clones, so I just use the MCP2515 when I need lots of data, and use the ELM327 for basic stuff

If it's in the budget, I would highly recommend the Macchina M2[1], especially if you need to access more than one bus at a time. It's based on the Arduino Due, with dual CAN transceivers (and LIN). It has a lot of bells and whistles - but can be simplified down to just a can sniffer if needed. I'm currently using one with SavvyCan to reverse engineer a vehicle for a project, and it has no problem keeping up with the high-speed network.


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