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I wrote WhoaLife ( https://github.com/vonnieda/WhoaLife ) when OhLife shut down. It's self hosted for privacy and designed for Heroku Free Tier. Takes about 15 minutes and no code to deploy.

I've been using it since OhLife shut down and it completely fills the gap for me.

I recently modernized the code a bit, ported it from Mongo to Postgres and improved the selection of the random entry that is sent to you, but I haven't pushed those changes yet. They'll go out in the next week or so.

I did the same thing, and even called it by the same name...woahlife :-)

That's such a strange coincidence! Do you still use it?

your readme still mentions needing a mongo for scheduling if not on heroku. not sure if that's something that didn't get changed or still true.

Also, for those of us who never used OhLife the readme doesn't really tell me what it does.

It still uses Mongo on Heroku for now - the Postgres changes haven't been pushed yet.

And yes, good point on the README not explaining what it does. Thank you. I'll fix that.

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