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After climate change denial, inequality denial (lemonde.fr)
27 points by yodsanklai 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

IF the rich actually control a disproportionate amount of wealth, then it follows that they are holding onto the resources necessary to address the world's problems.

Thus those two issues are one and the same to the rich.

I think the reality is a bit more grim. At each step up from abject poverty the castes population decreases and their control of resources and the means of resource creation or refinement increases.

Each person with a shred of control over resources or the refinement thereof depends on these controls for their livelihood. At the absolute highest levels people like (bezos, gates, zuck, buffet) are insulated from these effects. Most everyone else is not and is thus dependent on their control of their assets to maintain their lot.

Obviously the haves will increasingly fight any attempts to "take" that which they feel they have "earned" regardless of their actual culpability or the overarching societal benefit of their companies. I've seen the haves in my city block everything from increases in public transportation, to public housing, to higher density housing, to bike lanes, wider roads, ed funding increases, sports funding decreases, interstate/highway extensions, and the list goes on. For each example there's a handful of vested interests that lobby until they're redder than tomatoes and screaming bloody murder of infants. Conveniently they always get plenty of airtime on the nightly news and in the local papers whereas their opponents get smeared, their arguments misrepresented, or outright ignored completely.

These problems would be far easier to solve if people weren't lying en masse at every step.

“Inequality” is a strange beast. Most mesures look at the share of the popular under a third of the median income of any given country. It is then used to compare countries between each other.

This neglects the fact that the standard of living one can achieve with a third of the median income is not the same from one country to another, often drastically.

Not at all. Inequality between countries is a different problem than inequality within a country (which is obviously meant in general). It has different effects and requires different solutions.

If you haven't already I would recommend watching "Climate Grief" from PhilosophyTube.

Climate change isn't just a single issue, it intersects with immigration, right to protest, and as mentioned in the article, inequality.

Lastly, inequality is rather a divisive subject on HN. Just yesterday there was an article applying game theory to the topic. Unfortunately the majority of the discussion revolved around "Communism Bad", "Elon Musk Good" leaving little room for nuanced discussion. So here's some advice: worry first about how we got here and less about who is responsible.

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