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What's wrong with just parsing the webserver logfiles like we used to do (I still do this)? Is that too old-fashioned now or something? Doesn't require any account or paying anything or setting any cookies (and therefore you don't need to have that annoying cookie warning your users hate so much).

If I remember correctly, even having the user IP address in your log files means you need to warn the user for some of the regulations.

I don't have access to the logs when I deploy to Github Pages. Github Pages is really convenient for me for many reasons, but no access to the logs is the main downside when it comes to analytics.

Ye I did that (also I had to anonymise the ips) but someone decided to run a continuous pen-test against the site over the course of days (I swear they forgot to turn it off or smth) and tragically I had to rework my infrastructure to accommodate much greater traffic than expected (BIG BIG BIIIIIIIG log files) as it made some of my processing fall over.

Its nice if someone has just done some of that sort of stuff for you.

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