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On seeing this tweet I wondered who would be the first to do it, and how long it would take.

Congratulations, from a fellow hacker - what's it been, 2 days? That's really impressive speed, especially considering it's nice looking.

A lot of people would confidently assume they could knock this out in a couple of days no problem, but it'd actually take them a few weeks at minimum. I had a post on the front page a few weeks ago on the topic [0], perhaps you saw it - I could learn a lot from you :-)

[0] https://boxci.dev/blog/why-it-took-12-weeks-to-ship-an-mvp-I...

OP mentioned in a comment that this tool existed before the tweet: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22045528

Ah, good spot.

Well, I'm still pretty excited for the OP at the right place right time nature of this. I mean, imagine browsing twitter and noticing that Paul Graham asks for someone to build the very product you're sitting on fully formed :-)

Kind of a perfect case study of the adage that you need to work really hard to prepare in order to be lucky!

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