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> - Chrome sort of forces a login …which shares browser and user details history with Google

This doesn't get more true by just repeating it over and over. If you login to Google it'll show up in Chrome next to the address bar but it doesn't enable any syncing to Google servers. That's a different step and it requires opt-in. You can also use Chrome without logging in to any Google services.

I don't get why privacy advocates, who often have a point when talking about Google, have to rely on FUD.

Because most of the negative attention that Chromium receives is FUD by people that rely on feelings and not facts.

Invasion of privacy is a valid and serious concern. The fact is that Google is collecting sensitive information semi-consensually and semi-transparently and arguably shouldn't be.

Mostly by Firefox fanboys, who don't see that Firefox has been turned into a Chrome copycat with built-in blocklists and TBB features.

Because let's be honest, most "privacy advocates" on HN are trying to be purer than the other guy. Ideological purity is what they're after, not privacy.

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