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> How do you solve the "won't read my emails" problem ?

99% of the people who tell you they wouldn’t use the product unless it can’t read your email wouldn’t actually use it regardless, and are just asking for things they don’t really have any intention of using.

edit: I just wanted to add I think it's kind of a dick move on pg's part to ask someone to build this when there are like four different versions that already exist. If you like those products then you should promote them, and if you don't like them then you should email the creators with feedback. Asking folks to build additional competing products without doing that first is poor form, as is asking people to build stuff that you don't actually care enough about to Google to see if it already exists. I don't mean to pick on pg specifically, I just see this kind of behavior on Twitter (and HN) all the time, often from startup investors, and I think it deserves to be called out.

Working for a manufacturing company this is of my biggest pet peeves. Our Salesforce (and customers) insist that they _would/could_ sell (or buy) our product if only it had feature x. In my experience, most of those people aren’t really interested to sell (or buy) the product regardless of feature set.

Contingent Purchase Order : You put in a purchase order and we'll build feature x.

Separate the wheat from the chaff.

I think this is how a lot of enterprise software is sold. Potential customer says "it's missing x", sales person says "we'll build x in two weeks", product is sold, devs have to figure out how to build x in two weeks.

That probably doesn't work for physical products.

Are you going to build it instantly?

If not, what happens if someone else releases a superior product in the interim? Or my business needs change?

Both excellent questions. Oddly the tire kicker never says "If you build X then I'll buy it .. unless my needs change or someone else releases a superior product". Requesting a purchase order casts the situation in the cold light of day.

> If not, what happens if someone else releases a superior product in the interim?

They'll get your business.

> Or my business needs change?

I didn't waste my time building you a feature you won't pay for.

How do you know pg didn't do that already?

what are the four versions that already exist?

My site https://Ahhlife.com is one of them

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