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My first thought when reading this was “how do you automate it?” as that was part of the spec.

But you can actually do that with Shortcuts, which is build into the system.

1. Make a note with a title like “journal” or “daily log”

2. Open shortcuts, go to automations. Make a new one with a time of day trigger. (Or an alternate if you prefer)

3. Actions: “find all notes where” —> filter for notes name. “ask for input” —-> ask the question you want + put “current date” as default entry. “Append to note” —> use magic variables. Select ask for input as the text to append, and note as the note to append to. (Specifically, the note your filter found)

4. Duplicate this for as many times of day as you want to be asked

5. At the appropriate time, click the notification and enter text to log it. Also add a trailing newline for note formatting. If anyone knows how to automate this on shortcuts, let me know: newlines seem tricky and I haven’t figured it out.

This automates the asking, and also the timestamp. Thanks for posting your idea, it prompted me to setup alerts for 11:00 and 5:00 pm.

Edit: this doesn’t transfer bullets to notes. If anyone knows how to append bulleted text via shortcut, let me know.

Thats a nice little hack. Shortcuts is really powerful for little workflows like this.

I've done similar for reminders of things that I want to take measurement of in a simple way throughout a day. Like taking a childs temperature when they're sick and running a fever.

How do I make this list be a list without double spacing or making it a code block....there must be a way?

Double spacing is your only option. Don't make it a code block, as that is unreadable on mobile.

Thanks for confirming! Thought I was missing a method for years. Oh well.

    Line 1
    (leave blank line)
    Line 2 

Renders as:

Line 1

Line 2

Hacker News markup does not include lists. To my knowledge, there is not. https://news.ycombinator.com/formatdoc

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