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Chrome also announced today a plan to get rid of third-party cookies: https://blog.chromium.org/2020/01/building-more-private-web-... And in fairness to them, Firefox and Safari's changes are very recent.

Anyway, Google is a big company. Different teams have different priorities. Does the US government care about privacy? Depends - at the very least - whether you're the NSA or the FTC. Given the many signs in the past that parts of Google are willing to fight other parts of Google they disagree with, I think a better strategy for us as the community is to call the Chrome team out, specifically, on things under their control and otherwise not be excessive cynical about the fact that they along a hundred thousand other people work for Google, and some of those other people are bad.

(Automatic login to Google is a think I think we should call them out for, to be clear.)

I agree that the Firefox change is recent, but not Safari. Safari has had 3rd party cookies disabled for many years now.

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