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Google's Good Intention were to support privacy, and

>the web should be is an abundant source of compatibility issues. in particular for minority browsers, resulting in browsers lying about themselves (generally or to specific sites), and sites (including Google properties) being broken in some browsers for no good reason.

Doesn't that mean every Web feature would be Google's way or the high way. Google, using Blink and Chrome would be dictating the web standards. And if it is incompatible, it would now officially be the browser vendors's fault and not the designer.

> Google's Good Intention were to support privacy

I find this intent for be very difficult to believe. Chrome's privacy policy[0] already lists a ton of information that Chrome sends to Google.

I am cynical and simply do not trust Google. I see this as a move for control rather than privacy.

0. https://www.google.com/chrome/privacy/

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