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Google to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome within two years (techcrunch.com)
31 points by house2001 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Good, as far as those cookies go, but also, as usual from Google, extremely self-serving, because the tech giant itself will just keep tracking us more than ever before while trying to restrict how much others can do the same. They keep building their moats against "external bad guys", but the bad king that is Google just keeps expanding its power. I wonder when a backlash by other major internet companies against chrome itself will start being the case.

They will make Microsoft look saintly

I think they almost already do. Google is still coasting off a well built reputation for simple, good, user-friendly web services (search and email mainly) that for most internet users is all they ever see of Google,, thus thinking there isn't anything else that's a problem. Most of these same users don't even really appreciate just how much tracking of their lives the company does behind the scenes. They might read about it or glimpse parts of it here and there and frown a bit, but the completeness of the surveillance doesn't fully register I think. And besides, convenience, which always makes uncomfortable things easier to forget.

Thus, its uglier side doesn't gain as much of the attention it deserves. Microsoft never had quite that same good and simple reputation and enough people had enough problems with Windows platforms right from the beginning to really hate the company as soon as they had enough of a reason to from the media. Microsoft can be shitty too, but Google is much more involved in most people's daily lives in some dangerous ways.

Recently Microsoft forced millions of github users to either deanonymize using 2fa or get annoyed by their forced device verification. It was pure trolling for some: evil hackers can lock you out of your accounts with unaccessible email1!!!, so we'll lock you out first * MS-trollface.jpg *. So MS is worse at the moment, they add palpable damage.

Google at least just continues their thing which already have simple countermeasures like not using their search, blocking their web-trackers with extensions and disabling location-tracking in options.

so they'll just track users via Chrome, Android, Google DNS, etc

reducing third party cookies is welcome but this just seems like a move to protect their ad revenue

Yup... also, it rules out competition.

They’re very good lately at PR. the pr released about not using the double Irish Dutch sandwich tax route read like something good. In reality the route is not a valid route anymore since this year.

I guess it’s true that some companies are hiring to up/downvote certain posts.


There is already a setting in Chrome that allows you to disable third party cookies, but it's buried pretty deep and a bit tricky to find.

I read the article, I don't understand if session tokens are included in this. If so, how will things like logged in UX work?

Those are usually first party. Their blog post is a better source and talks about use cases they're addressing with other tech including SSO

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