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I can't find any data backing up this U curve. Fertility declines with household income and levels off about about $100k, at least in the USA. It's hard to find data on the very rich but I'm not aware of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Jeff Bezos having abnormally large numbers of children. Elon Musk has four AFAIK but even that seems like an outlier on the high end.

The last point is possible but speculative. Where I live conservatives tend to be solidly in the suburbanite camp. They want their own house, their own yard, their own family, etc. and would never opt into some kind of commune even with very like-minded people. I've seen people living as you describe in more granola circles. The best example of what you describe in more religious-conservative circles is the classical Israeli Kibbutz. Look it up. It's pretty interesting. They've changed a bit though in modern times and apparently are less egalitarian and commune-like and more like Zaibatsus.

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