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I should have waited a few more months before coding my own statistics tool (KISSS [1]) (which is also mentioned in GoatCounter's rationale document [2]). :D

GoatCounter seems really promising, I especially like the simple web interface, the selected programming language (Go) and that it should work with a simple SQLite database.

Keep up the great work!

If you need some ideas for features that are currently implemented into KISSS but not into GoatCounter (AFAIK):

- Request stats from multiple domains (e.g. see the number of page views for all domains combined)

- Request stats by different criteria (e.g. only show stats with referrer of Hacker News or Browser Firefox)

- Reports: Daily email or Telegram message with stats

- Telegram bot: Request stats via Telegram

There's definitely a need of privacy-respecting analytics services that don't collect personal data. I hope you can succeed with your project!

[1]: https://kis3.dev/

[2]: https://github.com/zgoat/goatcounter/blob/master/docs/ration...

Great job! I love the TG integration! It's so often about Slack and not about TG :-(

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