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Google is not protecting its users privacy, it is protecting their own business. They want everyone's ads to be worse than Google's, so you use Google. Hiding private data from everyone but themselves is part of the plan.

Exactly. That is also why "logging in to Chrome" or rather Google is such an insidious misfeature. Soon they will be the only ones with cross-site tracking and third-party-cookie equvalents in the leading browser.

That would be check mate for all other advertisers.

I'm just not sure whether it's good or bad that antitrust regulators won't notice before it's too late.

I think that you're right. Regardless, these moves (as weak as they are so far) are beneficial for privacy in general.

I'll take that benefit even if it tilts the advertising table in favor of Google. I don't care even a little about the overall health of the advertising/marketing industry.

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