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> Legal thought I wanted them to write a license.

I'm not surprised. I once had a conversation with some business lawyers that were specialized on what is easiest described as "IT law" [1] (mostly intellectual property, licensing, contract law, data privacy) who were working in the field of IT/software. You could talk with them about client-server and p2p systems or even basic encryption and data security, so they definitely knew a bit about technology.

They knew about open source software but I was surprised that they had never heard about source licenses nor about the creative common license. I tried to explain the basics to them but they didn't seem to get the concept of a license that could be reused by more than one licenser and were confused why a license would need a name (like 'MIT license'). In their view, licenses were always individual drafted documents with terms that needed to be negotiated with business partners or were imposed on customers. They didn't believe me that you don't create your own custom license for open source projects and thought that I was talking about copy&pasting bad license templates from the internet. When I told them the basic concept of the GPL they thought I was bullshitting them.

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IT_law

Whats that saying about a person not being able to learn something that threatens their livlihood?

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