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How badly do you want to avoid tracking your users?

It's hard to get statistics on conversion when you don't even track users across pages on your own site. It looks like GoatCounter can't show you unique visitors or how they move around on your site because it doesn't track them. There are no cookies on the main page! This seriously limits the kinds of features that can be implemented.

On the other hand, they're collecting referrer data. Maybe that could be analyzed and cross-referenced on the server side to reconstruct a user's movement around your site without having to rely on cookies. But then somebody will point out that it's actually a type of tracking. And if you're going to track users anyway, why not just use cookies?

Yeah, I'll add some sort of "cookie tracking". It's just not done yet. There is some prior art at Fathom and Simple Analytics on how to do that while still preserving anonymity. I'm not entirely sure yet which approach I'll take.

I might make it an optional feature, too. Again, need to look in to it in-depth.

There are a zillion-and-one things to do, and thus far other things have taken priority :-)

I don't care that much about not tracking my users tbh. I'm only using it to optimize conversion on my site. I'm not selling it or doing anything untoward, and wouldn't ever.

You can't optimise conversion if you remove the ability to track users. If you see 8 hits on page A and 4 on page B, is it that 4 people left or that the first 4 people visited the page twice before they moved to page B? You can't tell without the unique cookie.

That said, having a unique but anonymous cookie within a single site isn't the end of the world but Google only provide GA for free because it is useful for determining other things.

Like I said, I don't care about not tracking my users. In other words I'm fine tracking my users.

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