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I have mixed feelings on this. On the other hand, I knew some people above me who are still stuck on useragent sniffing as the "way to go."

On the other hand, I did use it in combination with other techniques to provide some real information. At one point I had a hard-to-even-track kind of problem, with difficulty even looking for common trends. I created a help form for the user. Please fill out when this occurred, where you were (this mattered), what OS were you running, what browser, and so forth. What I found using the UA (and backed by other tricks) was that many users, young users who were enrolled in college, were not only unaware of their browser or operating system version but the OS itself.

Its utility began its decline when the browser makers began copying one another wholesale. It's kind of a shame. Capability-testing is better but for some troubleshooting applications, having something particular to pin your problems to is handy.

Please see UA Client Hints linked in the proposal


You should still get this information, but more privacy oriented manner.

I know no one RTFAs (I usually don't even RTFA), but in this case, it's really egregious. The whole discussion is going back and forth about UA sniffing with no one mentioning that the damn proposal is entirely based on adding UA Client Hints as a replacement. It makes this whole multi-hundred comment discussion pretty much valueless. Please, other commenters: read this link before discussing whether you're caremad about "like Gecko" in the UA string!

In this case, it seems like you didn't read the discussion either. Many people have been talking about UA Client Hints here, before you commented.

This was the near top level comment I saw to mention it. I don’t think it’s crazy to collapse a huge thread where the first several levels of comments aren’t relevant.

Sure, but you could do a find before accusing all other commenters of "egregious" not reading of the article.

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