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For enterprises Adobe Analytics is actually the industry leader, and there are a few other options as well.

For startups there's plenty of options, mixpanel is probably my favorite.

Google Analytics probably has more users because of ease of use for small business but I wouldn't say it's a space without competition.

I did some research into this a few months ago, and it turns out you're right.

If a company is serious about learning about its customers and how they use their products, then it invests in Adobe Analytics.

If a company is looking for something that's free, quick, and "good enough," then it goes with Google Analytics.

Just like if a company is serious about advertising, it hires a professional ad agency. If it's looking for something cheap and "good enough," it go with Google AdWords.

Mixpanel's more product usage. The most valuable part of GA is imho the marketing piece. Eg:

- "Show me where my visitors are coming from"

- "Show me what landing pages are most popular... at driving conversion... by channel"


Mixpanel also has traffic source attribution. Including Google ads out of the box.

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