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It's not that surprising that someone hasn't come up with a product as comprehensive, and most importantly "free". That's a lot of infrastructure.

Then you've got to give people a server-side component they can run, so that the infrastructure (not to mention security/privacy) load is handled by the right party. I personally think it's horrible that it's become industry standard to sell out customers like this.

You're assuming most of planet even understands what you just said. They just want 4 lines of code that they paste in their Wordpress for free.

No need for it to be free. I'd be willing to pay to not blow my brains out every time I have to touch GA.

I know you'd be willing to pay, so would I, but most would not, which is why Google Analytics is so ridiculously popular.

Every website needs analytics. The market is huge. Doesn't matter if most don't want to pay.

What else can a paid product offer? I somewhat jokingly feel I'm paying for i++ To state my unpopular opinion again: Ah, another service government could do better than the free market.

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