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Tell HN: YC is hosting a Work at a Startup Expo in Los Angeles on March 7
51 points by ryankicks 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
Y Combinator runs its annual Work at a Startup Expo in SF each year (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20033551), and one of the biggest requests we’ve been hearing is to bring this to engineers in other areas.

To that end, we are looking to host more location-specific events in 2020, and the first one is in Los Angeles/Culver City on March 7th. We welcome engineers to apply to attend: https://workatastartup.com/expo

For this event: founders and hiring managers of 20+ YC companies (mostly from the LA area) give quick pitches about their business, their tech stack and why an engineer might be excited to join. After the pitches, we host an open house where engineers are welcome to meet directly with the founders/team to learn more. These events are an efficient and effective way to meet a lot of YC-vetted startups quickly, and to see what jobs are out there in case you’re looking for a new role.

LA’s startup ecosystem has been continuing to get stronger, and we’re excited to help engineers find great YC-vetted startups. This year’s companies cover the spectrum across software infra, AI, cannabis, health & fitness and more, and include both 5-person startups and bigger ones like Standard Cognition and Reddit (much larger, but still a YC-backed company and interesting to many people!)

Working for a startup may not be for everybody; Justin Kan has a great post on why NOT to work at a startup: https://www.atrium.co/blog/work-at-a-startup/. I’ve been through my fair share of startups and large companies, and will be the first to tell you what you’re getting into with either. I’m also happy to chat 1-1 with anybody who might be interested or have reservations: ryan AT ycombinator.com.

For any engineer in Southern California who is interested or curious about working at a YC startup, apply to attend the LA event here: https://workatastartup.com/expo

Only 5 of the listed companies are actually in LA. All the rest are in SF/Bay Area. No thank you,

You're right. I should have checked more carefully before noting that. The LA startups currently lined up and based in Los Angeles are: FightCamp, FLOWER, Relativity Space, Sorting Robotics and UpKeep.

I'm working to have a few others LA YC startups join us as well. The rest have founders & teams coming in from SF (and one from Chicago), and are eager to chat about remote or SF roles.

If these LA startups and/or the opportunity to relocate to SF isn't possible, you're right -- it's not a good fit.

As a quick note: we're continuing to onboard more companies in Southern California. Recently confirmed are GOAT, Embrace and Intersect Labs (San Diego).

I apologize again for not checking my work earlier. Being from Anaheim, I've always hoped that a LA/OC startup community would emerge, and I'm hopeful that this event can showcase some great YC startups that have chosen to plant their roots down there.

Will provide more updates as they come, and hope to see many of you there.

Can you share this with the TechLA subreddit? https://reddit.com/r/techLA

That is a fantastic idea. I'll do so, and let me know how I can be helpful!

Hi Ryan, great event. At some point will it open to design/marketing as well?

Hi! YC companies are looking for a variety of roles; if you want to share a profile, feel free to email it to me and I can float around our community.


Cheers Ryan.

This is the same weekend as SCaLE. Unclear if that's a good or bad thing

I went to SCaLE the last two years and I've found the talks to be pretty mediocre overall, but yes I imagine this will draw traffic away.

Any possibility of an East Coast meetup in the near future?

Dupe and typo in the title...

I looked at it like 5 times and didn't see the typo. Talk about Paris in the the Spring. Fixed now—thanks!

(Submitted title was "Tell HN: Y Combinator is hosting a Work a Startup Expo in Los Angeles on March 7".)

You are welcome Sir!

Dont do it. Startups are awful, they are companies that are not mature. Its like working for a 13 year old. Not a serious professional environment.

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