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the proposed implementation leaves me questioning how useful the CH headers are for initial impressions of a web property if only the browser and version are sent by default, and more info is only provided on follow-up requests, assuming the user agrees to some permission popup they don't understand. it'll be the "this site uses cookies" nonsense / nuisance all over again. it'll finally push end users to install the native reddit app without those constant annoyances.

i have quite a few ux enhancements that need to know or guestimate the screen size, if the device is touch capable and OS (especially for form input styling). i dont see how it is possible without an additional delay, fetch request and some annoying permission popup to deliver a good experience in the brave new CH world.

There is CSS media query for exactly your use-case. No need for sniffing, round-trips or any server-side activity at all.

a media query will not tell me what OS it is so i can infer the metrics of native fonts and form controls. i would have to use JS and create sentinel elements to make the measurements, which would still be a form of slower, shittier sniffing.

also, a media query or any other client side method prevents me from delivering exactly the final content that's necessary and not have to do additional reflow-inducing js to get the end result.

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