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I agree with that, I don't know if it's a lack of manpower on Safari and Safari mobile or what but it's severely far behind the other browsers.

Being a monopoly on iPhones means the rest of the community has to work around their bugs. Why would they put any effort into fixing those bugs - web devs are working around them just fine?

Safari could say "Sorry - <div> tags aren't working in the current release", and all big websites would switch to other html tags in a matter of weeks.

Chrome published a draft of User-Agent Client Hints only a month ago. They are already moving ahead to deprecate user Agent string and saying "Where feature detection fails developers, UA Client Hints are the right path forward" (a thing that's not even a standard yet).

Safari has been very wary of this break-neck speed of how Chrome imposes Google's view of standards onto the world. WebKit team has even walked away from proposals when concerns were not addressed (sadly, I can't find the link in GitHub issues right now. Edit: [1]).

And yes, lack of manpower is another pressing concern.

[1] https://github.com/WICG/construct-stylesheets/issues/45#issu...

"Now I consider this issue as an absolute show stopper. I don't think we want to ever implement this feature in WebKit unless this issue is resolved."

And that is what I like about Safari, instead of blindly following every single proposal from Google. Many of them are not really well thought out.

Well, Chrome was based on Webkit for a while and then they forked it and as a result stopped contributing to it. For Google, Chrome is a major product (as it forces their Search engine and products). For Apple, Safari is pretty minor. Apple simply doesn't have a reason to throw so much manpower at it.

Maybe Apple will adopt Blink/Chromium in the future?

That's a dark future but pretty much. This happening would mean Firefox's engine is the only other rendering engine on earth than Blink.

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