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Ugh, where was this when I needed it in 2013? At $OLDJOB my boss and I wrote pretty much this entire thing, in an unholy mix of bash and Tcl, much more poorly.

I cant tell you how many times I've seen this type of thing done at different companies. Many of those projects died.

The last one was a LIN tool written in python. My coworker wrote it. He wanted to open source it, so I talked our boss, the local IP guy and eventually the legal department. Legal thought I wanted them to write a license. No, that's not useful, I needed to know which of GPL, MIT, BSD the company would approve. They came with some of the misguided concerns companies tend to have. The other question I could not get answered is who in management needed to OK it. Oh and would the copyright belong to the company or the guy who wrote it. None of my questions could seem to find definitive answers. The guy who wrote the tool quit and it became abandon ware inside the company. I had mentioned that nobody stays around forever and the author would have done some maintenance after he's gone. I said this well before he left as an argument in favor of open sourcing it.

Anyway, I hope a lot of people bring this to life so we can all stop reinventing this wheel or paying certain companies to rent theirs.

Related: Busmaster, but its Windows only.

> Legal thought I wanted them to write a license.

I'm not surprised. I once had a conversation with some business lawyers that were specialized on what is easiest described as "IT law" [1] (mostly intellectual property, licensing, contract law, data privacy) who were working in the field of IT/software. You could talk with them about client-server and p2p systems or even basic encryption and data security, so they definitely knew a bit about technology.

They knew about open source software but I was surprised that they had never heard about source licenses nor about the creative common license. I tried to explain the basics to them but they didn't seem to get the concept of a license that could be reused by more than one licenser and were confused why a license would need a name (like 'MIT license'). In their view, licenses were always individual drafted documents with terms that needed to be negotiated with business partners or were imposed on customers. They didn't believe me that you don't create your own custom license for open source projects and thought that I was talking about copy&pasting bad license templates from the internet. When I told them the basic concept of the GPL they thought I was bullshitting them.

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IT_law

Whats that saying about a person not being able to learn something that threatens their livlihood?

Any chance this unholy mix is open sourced?

Sorry, no. Very proprietary medical device. (And, really, you wouldn't want it. Really. shudders)

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