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For context, as it’s not immediately obvious at the link: Blink is Chrome/Chromium’s rendering engine.

Thanks, I assumed so but it's useful to have this confirmation before I looked it up. Honestly this is a little surprising to me. Sites pulling shit like matching UA usually works out in Chrome's favour so it's nice to see them throwing the minor web browsers an olive branch.

Developers will still mostly target the most popular browser(s), particularly Chrome. It would be great if browsers like Firefox managed to implement a "feature detection spoof" that you can enable to still present yourself as Chrome (or other browsers) regardless of the actual features requested. More or less like changing the UA does now.

That's Go Faster addon.

This looks like it's intended to fix specific issues, not for fingerprint blocking. I was thinking more like being able to present yourself as generic Chrome on Windows 10 or Firefox on Android if you chose to, even with the risk of breaking the site.

Firefox resists fingerprinting by default, and go faster addon provides mitigations for sites that break in this mode, like providing a specific UA string.

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