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I think almost by definition nothing is iPhone huge, right? The iPhone is, I would presume, the single most lucrative hardware product ever made by any company ever. So that clearly can't be the barrier for "blockbuster".

I would have assumed the barrier for blockbuster is something more like the iPad or iPod, which as the article notes, both Apple Watch and AirPods are. Maybe you can argue both are less revolutionary or the product categories simply in some sense "matter" less, maybe that's the point.

I'm not a pro-Apple person. I do think that the AirPods are a greater breakthrough than we realize. Perhaps not in its current form, as was the iPhone before the App Store, but later generations. It is the start of ubiquitous (or natural) computing, even more so than the Apple Watch (iWatch? I don't know). We'll be able to whisper commands and get real-time augmented information (like translations of speech in other languages). The obvious next part to this story is AR which has yet to hit the mainstream.


I am an investor in Apple but at the fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent level but regardless of that my lounge-chair MBA analysis would be that if they had iterative hits like AirPods they’ll be just fine. Keep trying things and they’ll continue doing great. The stock price is surprising even me

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