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Ask HN: Are you 'crisp' enough to describe your startup idea in 2-4 words?
8 points by kulesh 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments
"You need to be able to say what your startup does in 2-4 words. No one has the time or attention span for an elevator pitch anymore." – says David Sacks from Craft Ventures (https://twitter.com/DavidSacks/status/1197276076759584768)

Would you be able to tell what your startup does using this rather restricted format?

Let me try this with Karma (https://karmabot.chat)

Karma is...

A) building happy teams B) micro-feedback chatbot C) peer appreciation chatbot D) true bonding at work

Which one would you pick/suggest?

Please do share your products and one-liners in the comments!

github search that doesn't suck https://gitgrep.com/

Can it be shorter, like, 'Better Github search'? Thanks.


Reconnect with your hobbies

I LOVE the concept. Thanks.

log view @10,000 ft https://quicklog.io/

I think A and D are too abstract.

C then? Thanks!

Even c may be too abstract, b was the clearest to me. I can see why if you’re completely familiar with your product you may prefer the others, because you feel it does so much more but for people who’ve never heard of a product it’s perhaps easiest to understand.

I have the same issue at Tesults.com. If someone’s never heard of it, I’d describe it as ‘test results reporting’ but yeah it’s a lot more than that, it’s a complete pipeline for handling post testing.

"complete pipeline for handling post testing" -> "complete pipeline for testing" does the trick for me.

"True bonding for remote teams"? Too vague?

low-code for developers

What's 'low-code'?

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