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> does not work if you have 2FA enabled

Plaid definitely works with BoA + 2FA, at least as of about a month ago when I had to use it.

Just tried again as I don't wanna be accused of making things up: https://ibb.co/KGMhFXF

What type of 2FA are you using? I have the default (SMS based) and it works for me.


Are you trying to use a business account or something? Otherwise I have no clue.

I have both a personal and a business account, but the login is the same, and they fail at the login level, not after I'm authenticated. One cannot tell what sort of accounts are behind the account before you successfully log in.

I have no idea then, it's worked for me in the past - Plaid asks me to give them the 2FA auth code I receive via text.

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