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Abstracting away from this specific case, it is IMO just another example of potential very significant and real risks of being reliant upon cloud or, more generally, technological platforms operated by potentially acquirable companies. While some acquired companies remain relatively independent and continue offering original products (in short-to-medium term), many don't [I have compiled a long list of case studies ...]. And if this (along with IT security) doesn't make most CTOs and/or CIOs to wake up in the middle of the night, then I don't know what does. Industry consolidation is IMO a pretty scary, but probably inevitable, trend. I think that the safest approach (sans some corner cases, e.g., a unique technology) is to build one company's technology platform on an "unacquirable" technology infrastructure (for the cloud, that would be AWS, Azure and, to somewhat lesser extent, GCP). Thoughts?

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